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   Can C+ be written in a text
> editor then compiled, is that how programs/aplications are written?.
> Thanks for reading. Jon.
Yes, you can use a text editor and then invoke a complier from a command 
On Linux I use a IDE KDEVELOP but I also use Kate and invoke the compiler. From 
time to time I also use JEdit and then launch the compile from  the command 
and sometimes I use a plug-in to launch the compiler from within JEdit. On a 
win2000 box, I use TextPad and a plug-in to launch a compiler, and use Open 
Watcom as IDE. I still use m$ Quick C as I rarely code C++ (actually I have 
to no longer code in C++ just assembler(NASM), C, and Java but I digress).

Is this the way programs/applications are written? My guess is nowadays that a 
is used more than text editor - invoke compiler technique but maybe it would be 
interesting to see what other on FreeDOS list use. In my case I use a IDE 90% 
of the 
time. I am considering JEdit/Textpad-plugin-to-invoke-the compiler to be a IDE.


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