Giulio Sorrentino schreef:

I have xp (ntfs) and freedos (fat16) on my notebook: both works and good...

Yes, that's not the problem. The problem was that we detected Windows, but that I also did an IF EXIST c:\boot.ini goto Windows

however the attributes for boot.ini might be 'hidden' and/or 'system', which means IF EXIST won't find the file.

The real problem was afterwards:
"IF it's not Windows, then it must be DOS/Win9x, and thus, we need to install a boot manager."
And because of the first GOTO not working, this part was executed, overwriting the bootsector and thus disabling NT bootloader.

Solution I remember someone posting was:
*download WIn98 bootdisk
*boot from it, do a FDISK /MBR
*boot from it, do a SYS C:
*go to, download BOOTPART and read the manual for the correct command

here's the relevant part of the readme document, (c) Gilles Vollant,
I guess it also works for Windows 2000/XP/2003

Fast tips :

To repair the Windows NT boot sector
Windows NT installs a boot sector that lauches NTLDR and displays the
Windows NT boot menu. If you lose this boot sector, Bootpart can restore
Boot under MS-Dos (this can be MS-Dos 6.22 on your hard disk, on an MS-Dos
bootable floppy, or the "MS-Dos 7.0" included in Windows 95 (you can obtain it
by pressing Shift+F5 when Win95 loads). Then, enter the command :

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