16 BIT schreef:

Nevertheless, I have question.

Do you use a boot manager or what?

Meaning, how basically do YOU dual boot the computer?


normally one does a dualboot using a modern OS's bootloader.
The NT bootloader can handle NT, DOS and bootsectors for Linux for example.

In Linux, one uses LILO or GRUB.
For dualbooting FreeDOS with MSDOS, we're installing a dualboot loader called MetaKern.
Same for Windows95/98/ME
For Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 we add FreeDOS as an item to the NT bootloader.
Basically this sentence is added to C:\boot.ini (if it's located on FAT): C:\FREEDOS.BSS="FreeDOS"
the bootsector (C:\FREEDOS.BSS, a 512byte file) is made this way:

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