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Hi Eric,

>BUT THERE IS A BUG, and the installer will not notice that you have
>*both* WinXP and Win98 in that boot menu. So in the end you will
>have a boot menu with only Win98 and FreeDOS menu items.

I found some minor problem when booting up the CD, so I change to

>I hope that Bernd will publish an update for the install system
>very soon - after all, FreeDOS is indeed able to get a boot menu
>correct for the cases of:
>- both MS DOS and FreeDOS sharing C:
>- both FreeDOS and Win98 sharing C:
>- FreeDOS adding itself to a boot menu of WinXP / WinNT / Win2k
>  which can already contain more items (e.g. Win98 and MS DOS)

Do you think automate the process of "adding FreeDOS to NT/XP" is
difficult? Can you or some other nice guy make a small utility to did
the job?


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