Johnson Lam schreef:

That someone would write command line programs to ... * save

Eric Auer's OSCHECK program does this.

and 'restore' boot sectors

No known FreeDOS/GPL utility, only a DEBUG-script which I lost

* save and restore MBRs (AEFDISK already does this so it's number 2 on my
wish list)

No known utility for either saving or restoring.
Would be nice indeed, to let FreeDOS uninstall itself (undo all made changes + delete FreeDOS directory) if the user wants that.

We need "one" command line program can did all the job you mention.
Too many command line programs, if they have similar purpose, why not
group all the functions into "one" instead?

I suggested a /D option (not an implementation, unfortunately I'm not a programmer and show no talent for it either) for SYS,
to dump the current bootsector to a file. OScheck's implementation is ASM, SYS is in C (except the FreeDOS bootsectors)
perhaps an option /R [filename] to restore a saved bootsector.

It's not a TSR! I don't mind it's size a bit bigger and load 2 seconds

Yes, not a problem. What I probably can do, is put the BOOTPART utility from on a FreeDOS cdrom.


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