Forward an email from Jack, about the "display higher than ATA
standard transfer rates":

Johnson -- A "late" thought, about your friend's "fast" ATA-66 disk.
Can you also ask HOW OLD is his mainboard, and WHAT DATE (if any) is
shown by his BIOS when he "boots" the system.   The UDMA drivers use
the "rule" that the BIOS will determine AND SET the maximum UltraDMA
"mode" (speed rate) for each disk.   If your friend's BIOS is so old
that it does NOT follow this "rule" but DEFAULTS to ATA-100 or more,
then I need a "switch" in the drivers to FORCE a given "maximum" and
set the value MYSELF!   The old UDMA in fact HAD such an option, but
Lucho felt this was "breaking" the ATA standards, and we deleted it.

Seems like I MAY have to put the option BACK IN!   Let me know about
your friend's mainboard and BIOS!    Best wishes!      Jack R. Ellis

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