I will try the new configuration for a while, but it looks like
my "hey, lets put a limit at score 3.0" suggestion is made obsolete
by "oops, we forgot to enable only-list-members-can-post" found on
the same day. About my decision tree: Things which look like being
from freedos-* lists or being about FreeDOS itself are handled very
generously, only if they contain executable attachments or look like
"virus notification to alledged sender" nonsense, they are still
thrown away as spam. The new setup adds "... or have a high spam score".
For normal mails, the greylisting (force a second send attempt if the
mail server IP is unknown) now implemented in our mail servers has
reduced spam a lot, almost scary. My local spam filter now has only
ten spams per day or so left to process. Last but not least, we have
Antivir on the gateway mail server, but that has the stupid property
of sending (easy to throw away by a filter rule) notifications about
the alledged sender and subject to me, without mentioning the much more
useful sender IP. On the other hand, it correctly removes almost every
single incoming virus. My trash folder is a lot smaller that way :-).
I think there are now more viruses than spam coming to me, because the
spammers are slowed down by greylisting while viruses use more official
ways to send mail and are probably more "insisting on me".


> I assume that you request suggestions on how to strengthen underpowered or 
> unintelligent anti-spam approaches and are not so egocentric as to suppose 
> that everyone else on list need think about restructuring their own message 
> content just to make your life easier due to use of simplistic single-pass 
> single-decision-point spam filtering.

PS: The most egocentric thing in my spam filter rules is "if I do not
know you as somebody who is forced to use HTML, and if you are not talking
about DOS, then your mail is considered spam if it is in HTML...". Might be
a bit overdoing things, but don't worry, I keep an eye on my spam folder.

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