On 28 Nov 2004 at 16:35, Bernd Blaauw wrote:

> Arkady V.Belousov schreef:
> > TS> The Beta 9 Freedos says it can't be run with nt/2000/xp.  So which
> > TS> build of freedos can I use?
> > 
> >      What mean "can't be run with"? Which troubles you have?
> > 
> Arkady, the Beta9 had a bad batchfile which did not detect NT/2K/XP 
> entirely correctly. The next FreeDOS, released hopefully later today, 
> has fixed this.
> Bernd

Ahh cool, Arkady put me on the list, thanks dude :-)..

I just tried to make a bootable Dr. Dos using Bart's method: 
But things didn't go very well (didn't even make an iso for me) :-).

I'm totally new to this freedos and other alternative dos stuff.  I 
need DOS so I can run Impulse Tracker and dos console emulators like 
Kgen98.  Running Impulse Tracker with VDMSound or DosBox is 
impossible with an AMD K6-2 550 even with 512mb PC133 SDRAM.  The 
sound is choppy and running the win32 Genesis emulator Gens is bad in 
XP aswell.  VDM in XP is a joke.  I like many others need pure dos 
like on good old Win98.

I don't really want to install windows 98.  It would be good just to 
chuck in a CD when I need to use DOS and be able to read files from 
NTFS and a FAT32 formatted USB Mass Storage Device.  If you can have 
this support with live linux CD's then I think having the same 
support with a open src dos os is possible.

Will I be able to accomplish all this with the next freedos boot cd? 

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