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kn> Thanks for the information.  However, MS-DOS 4.10.2222 (no GUI)
kn> fixes this.  Apparently, so does DR DOS/OpenDOS.  So, it is
kn> possible to "fix" the Borland bug in DOS.

     No, this is _not_ possible to fix - only solution is to slowdown
computer. Also, may be help if you in some way trap division by zero
interrupt and try to resume program, but I doubt that MS-DOS 7.1 (not 4.1)
does this.

kn> I'll try that.  The Borland application is not open source and I didn't
kn> write it...

     Trouble with division by zero is ("Runtime Error 200") is common for
_all_ programs, which compiled by TP/BP, notwithstanding if they are open or
not. But your word "Borland application" may indicate, that you have another
problem, not RTE200? May you precisely specify the application name and what
happen (how you run, at which moment happen error and how it seen;
particularly, which error messages seen on screen).

kn> I may have to look at the patch tool, though, and see if
kn> it works as well.  I'd like to switch to FreeDOS, but this one application
kn> is the only reason I'm using DOS at all... :-)

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