Hi everyone!

This has now been mirrored on ibiblio, and I've updated the web page on FreeDOS.org about it.

Most of our mirrors will automatically update themselves with the Beta9sr1 release in the next few days, so I'll update the "Download" page again later this week to provide a list of mirrors.


Bernd Blaauw wrote:
Hello list,

There's a new FreeDOS version available, in ISO (cdrom) format and diskette format (1.44MB only, other sizes only the bootdisk, the rest is on request).
You'll see it appear on the freedos.org frontpage as soon as Jim Hall has mirrored everything to Ibiblio.
The warning about messing up Windows bootloaders can now be removed, as I verified that everything now works OK.

New things are improved EMM386, UDMA2 and SHSUCDX drivers, as well as configuration improvements.

Anyone who's in a hurry may get it from:

Enjoy the release,

Bernd Blaauw

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