Here's the last day of slashdotting, for anyone interested. (End of the thread for me, since things are pretty much back to normal.)

Day #3 is getting back to normal usage. 70.263 hits for the day. Between midnight and 4am, about 10,000 hits.


Jim Hall wrote:
Just thought I'd send an update on the slashdotting for those of you who are interested.

Day #2 is less busy, as expected. 126,339 hits for the day (average is around 54,000). Between midnight and 4am (when the stats run) we had 9,299 hits (in that time, I think we usually get only 3,000 - 4,000 hits.)


Jim Hall wrote:

I saw that this got posted on slashdot last night, so I made sure the mirror was up-to-date, and posted something to the slashdot forums about where to find the list of mirrors if the site becomes unavailable. So far, we're doing fine under the slashdotting. :-)

You can definitely see it in the site stats. Maybe you guys will be interested in them - The item was posted around 5pm local time, and we had 203,499 hits for the day (normally, 54,000). The stats run around 4am or so (according to last-modified time on the stats page) and in those 4 hrs we had 26,106 more hits. In the wee hours, usually we get something like 3,000 - 4,000 hits.

Compare that to the minor slashdotting we received back in June: we had 134,000 hits on the first day, 180,000 hits the second day, 88,000 hits the third day, then things were pretty much back to normal. That was Mon-Wed. This being a weekend, our 2nd and 3rd days may not be as high.


Jim Hall wrote:

Steve sent me this email off-list about how FreeDOS will be shipped with HP computers sold in China. Though I'd re-post it here:

I noticed the OS was FreeDOS - cool!

Steve Fox

Cool! :-)

NOTE: I will be away from email Dec 18-22.

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