I'd like to share with you all some information about a super easy to use and install boot manager I found in the FreeDOS archives.

The boot manager is GRUB. Normally I think of GRUB as being used with X.

Anyway I found a DOS GRUB while browsing the FreeDOS FTP directories in a zip package. The name of the package is GRUB013.ZIP

There is sufficient documentation in this package to get you up and running. Therefore I don't need to explain much in this post.

You can install this GRUB on a DOS boot disk or on your hard drive.

"Installing" this particular GRUB simply means putting files in the proper location. It is not necessary to modify the boot record or MBR.

One of the strong points of GRUB is it will boot a partition using a file that is a copy of the boot record.

You can for example boot different DOSes from the same partition by referencing the the various boot record files.

My main purpose in making this post was just to let people know.

I was actually browsing the FTP directories looking for a specific file COPYBS.COM

I never found it. Can someone please tell me where I can get it?

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