16BIT schreef:
There is sufficient documentation in this package to get you up and running. Therefore I don't need to explain much in this post.

a short explanation on how to exactly set it up would be nice. Bootloaders I have experience with: *MetaKern (FreeDOS) by Eric Auer *NTloader (WinNT) by Microsoft *FreeLDR (ReactOS) by ReactOS Project *Syslinux (Syslinux) by H. Peter Anvin

I was actually browsing the FTP directories looking for a specific file COPYBS.COM

I never found it. Can someone please tell me where I can get it?


the development version of FreeDOS SYS.COM program (SYS version 3.5) also supports dumping bootsector to file (and restoring it), but only if also writing a new FreeDOS bootsector.
There's no option '/DUMPONLY' (yet?), or automatic backup of the current installed bootsector. This 2nd option is useful for people accidentally using SYS C: where C: contains the WindowsNT bootloader :(
I was so stupid to do this..

To use the bootsector dumping, something like this is needed (with a workaround, by dumping the newly generated bootsector to a file):

to restore the bootsector:

This SYS version is available on Jeremy's website at the usual location.
It's up to him to announce it officially, some time next year when the development kernel is finally suitable for an official release.


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