Hi, the sample GRUB configuration items are all quite interesting,
but please fix the following line before making a technote of the HowTo:


Forcing EMM386 to place an overlay of UMBs over RAM of the graphics card,
even if it is "only" mono text buffer RAM, is definitely not what you want
to teach as good practices. It is highly experimental and we have enough
problems with NORMAL use of FreeDOS already (e.g. CHKDSK only allowing a
few known floppy formats for A:, refusing oversize formats and USB sticks
with FAT16, or SYS/FORMAT having troubles with USB sticks.... uhm, sorry,
my examples are a bit off-topic, and maybe booting from USB is NOT normal
use of FreeDOS, but still we DO have enough problems left with normal use
of FreeDOS, as can be seen in Bugzilla and the 1.0 TODO list ;-)).

Enough "ranting"... as said, the rest of the How-To is pretty nice.


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