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>Then one day you discover it is being used by someone like Seagate.

Definitly a good news.

>Nevertheless, if the main consideration was the merits of the operating=20
>system itself as opposed to economy and licensing terms, FreeDOS still=20
>competes and may very well be the better choice of available options.

But I'm sure we can did something to make FreeDOS much more easier.

1) Simplified the version naming convention

2) Officially state the stable and testing version Kernel and FreeCOM
information (eliminate some testing branch by merging stable code with

3) make a table of "Quick download" from FreeDOS homepage. Only have
"Odin" and "ISO", others please go to download page.

4) Build a link to 3rd party developers such as DOS32a, MPX, QV,
OpenGEM ... etc.


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