Johnson Lam schreef:

btw: DOSLFN should be included into ALL packages! Nobody use DOS without
long file name. And...including a file manager like DNOSP oder
Necromancer DOS Navigator would be also good. These are things, DOS user
are missing...

'Nobody uses' is quite a statement..
Lots of games/apps still run with 8.3.
For multimedia usage of DOS, you're correct: LFN is a 'must-have'.
A P100 or even 486 should be able to be used as a dedicated MP3 player.
Oh well, consider ReactOS project..though DOS may be more stable and less requirements (a bootable disk with MP3 player program, cd/network drivers and a DVD or network share full of MP3 files).

btw2: Many people want to use FreeDOS with USB-stick oder extern hard
disc. There are drivers...not open source, but free. So...could you post
a link on
the about page (feature list) to ?

There should be a 'Links' section on the FreeDOS page, similar to the 'FreeDOS for gamers' section. Then a separate Freedos webpage can point to your mentioned USB site, and interesting sites like:

The same for NTFS support. Could you post a link to ? So that people can easily
find it!

I already contacted them for FreeDOS support in their Windows Bootdisk Builder. To my knowledge, the generated bootdisk is not perfect yet.

It would be easier if they would offer a FreeDOS based bootdisk image for download.


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