At 06:16 PM 12/30/2004 +0100, Eric Auer wrote:

 Which reminds me that VDS should probably be
on by default


 but on the other hand is probably not stable enouh for
that yet?


 And, by the way, what exactly where the effects of the SB
switch for EMM386? Would be cool if that stuff could be either (if it
has no bad side effects) on by default or could have some auto-enable
feature which turns on the SB stuff when needed (for SBPCI DOS drivers).

No. It's only for programs which use INT 3 since versions of SB drivers will mung default INT 3 to a GPF. NEWDES is an application known to have the problem. Other applications which use default INT 3 interrupt or which have forgotten to turn off INT 3 embedded debugging code before release will also have problems when the SB drivers are loaded.

Never should be a default on condition.

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