Eric Auer wrote:
Hi all,

1) Is it a bad practice to use the include monochrome area switch with MS-DOS and its EMM386?

I think yes, unless you desperately need the 32k extra UMB space.

[rest of text cut]

This is obviously true. As far as my own computing, I rarely need that extra 32K in DOS. I thought maybe Windows liked it for VMMs, but since I deleted Windows it does not really matter to me what Windows likes.

The reason I use EMM386 with is for the UMBs it provides. I recently discovered that UMBPCI.SYS works with my computer. (It didn't before so I presume updates have included support for my chipset.)

In any event, yesterday I reconfigured my FreeDOS to use HIMEM.EXE as the XMS manager and UMBPCI.SYS for the UMB support.

I now have 627 K free base memory with this configuration as opposed to 624 K with EMM386.

And 160 K  available UMBs.

I also learned that it is not good practice to demonstrate the use of the I=B000-B7FF, if for no other reason than it adds unnecessary complication and could potentially cause some users problems they would not have otherwise.


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