Hi, I would like to get rid of some ISA hardware in a more
hardware friendly way than throwing it away... Maybe anybody
is interested in really USING that stuff for anything? Best
"postage" would be in Germany, the Netherlands, Luxemburg,
France. Or in other words, those are the best places to pick
the stuff up, or when in doubt, I could even bring them to a
post office in one of the mentioned countries.

The list:
- 14400 baud internal modem
- Aztech soundcard with some WaveFront module, looks cool (wavetable,
  I guess) but Linux has no use for it. Chips: AZT316A, CS4231KL, ATZ816
  (main Aztech chip, Crystal DSP, Aztech/Intel chip, the latter probably
  for the Sony / Mitsumi / Panasonic / IDE CD ROM interface), plus some
  chips for the WaveFront thing. Maybe you can tell me more about that card?
- original SoundBlaster 16
- simple ALS100 soundcard
- BNC/RJ45 network card of unknown specs
- AT power supply from a desktop PC, classic dimensions, 200something Watts
- finally, I have a full size pretty high quality ISA prototype board to
  "sell" (come on, at least more than the postage costs...), a big PCB with
  no Printed Circuity but just a big grid of contact holes to add your own
  chips and stuff (2.54mm grid as usual)

Thanks for the feedback! In particular, it would be great if somebody
could use the hardware for FreeDOS compatibility testing or similar,
preferrably somebody in the NL (so Bernd could have a look at the lab
from time to time ;-)). And, not to forget: All ISA stuff! Nothing PCI.


PS: boring bad ISA/PCI/AT socket 7 motherboards are sitting on my pile, too.
And I have some small 72pin memory modules and a P100 clone chip for them,
if you should need that. Even a CASE, if you insist :-)).

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