Hi Lucas, shipping would be something like 3-13 Euros...
Would be a lot easier if somebody in NL would add the ISA
cards to his DOS lab...

>    I am interested in the SB16 and the Aztech sound
> cards. I'm poking at how to program different sound
> cards from long ago.

> Is it worth it?   (Value/Shipping-Cost)

No idea - the classic SB16 has some value as "a real classic",
but on the other hand, you could get SB AWE 32 ISA PnP for 8 Euros
each on a big pile on a convention 2-3 years ago. ISA is pretty
much dead :-(. It should be quite easy to get an "any sound card"
from a local source in Brazil / Latvia / Argentinia (the places
where people have shown interest in my cards until now), e.g. from
2nd hand shops, online, maybe even from junkyards. I had hoped to
find somebody with a "DOS testing lab" in NL or maybe in DE or FR.
For just "add sound to that PC" purposes, things are probably not
worth shipping to more non-local locations than that.

The Aztech and probably even the SB16 were - I think - quite
valuable when they were new, but now nobody wants them anymore
in the area, but I just do not have the heart to throw away a
classic and a wavetable soundcard, both with CDROM interfaces...
And I cannot even tell you if the Aztech is still working - Linux
does not seem to like that ancient gem, so for ME, it does not work.
The SB16 is simply huge, so I use an opti93x card and normal IDE
CD-ROM on this PC and an AWE32 on another PC where I have more space.
Plus my supply of ISA-compatible-at-all PCs is very limited today.

Aztech detail: Azt2316a, cs4231kl, Azt816 chips on main PCB, some
WaveFront chips on piggyback wavetable module PCB, Sony/Mitsumi/Panasonic/
IDE interface present, but no idea how to do useful things with the card.

SB AWE detail: I once paid more than 100 DEM for mine, but I did
NOT get another card from the 8 Euro pile years ago, simply because
I do not have that many ISA PCs. Pity, ISA was a rock stable no-nonsense
bus system, but "legacy-free" vendors killed it. Same is happening to
floppy drives, and normal ports like PS/2, RS232 and Centronics will be
next. The latter will mean that you have to learn SMD soldering before
you can connect homegrown lightshow or model train electronics to your
PC, because the only remaining ports will be USB and higher, and USB
controller chips are usually only available in SMD versions :-(.

At least for cards which deserve fast connections, PCI / AGP is cool, sure.

Even the PnP functionality of PCI is :-).


> Looks like packets from NL to world are 3.70 euros (max
> 250g) / 7.05 euros (max 0.5kg) / 9.70 euros (max 1kg) or
> up to 13 euros (max 2kg). If less than 38x26.5x3.2cm, it
> would be a letter, no packet.
> Max packet size is length + height + width 90cm, no edge
> longer than 60cm.
> You also need a "douaneverklaring" CN22...
> EU would be 2.75 / 4.05 / 6.25 / 8.40 for 0.25 / 0.5 / 1 / 2 kg.

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