30-Дек-2004 13:24 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Michael Devore) wrote to

>>- what happen if I=B000-B800 will be used on system with mono adapter/mode?
MD> Oh, you mean if you designate a UMB which has memory addresses used by the
MD> active screen, what would happen to the display?

     Hard rewording, but yes.

MD> You'd get  screen which
MD> doesn't update after EMM386 loads.

     Ie., current EMM386 doesn't check that such maping is wrong and, thus,
we get hanging machine (because all subsequent "screen outputs" will
overwrite code, which will loaded there)?

MD> Probably shouldn't do it if you are interested in useful work which
MD> involves the display.

     I mean this not as part of "great trick usage", I try to understand,
what happen, if generic config.sys with I=B000 will be used on mono machine
or config with I=B800 will be moved to machine with plain color adapter.

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