At 12:54 AM 1/8/2005 +0300, Arkady V.Belousov wrote:

MD> You'd get  screen which
MD> doesn't update after EMM386 loads.

     Ie., current EMM386 doesn't check that such maping is wrong and, thus,
we get hanging machine (because all subsequent "screen outputs" will
overwrite code, which will loaded there)?

What is "wrong"? If someone specifically tells EMM386 to include that range (it won't do it automatically), I pretty much figure that's what they want. It's between the user and the machine at that point. Who knows, maybe the machine is reporting incorrectly and video autodetection would fail.

Even with a mono video in use it would, in fact, be possible to use part or all of that upper memory later on if you don't use screen I/O (or DMA it) and are careful about avoiding BIOS calls that might hit video memory. Perfectly plausible, although I wouldn't want to fool with it myself.

What would be wrong is EMM386 refusing to map the range after the user directed EMM386 to do exactly that.

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