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Eric Auer escribió:

Hi all, Michael is right, if you I=..., then EMM386 should just do
what you tell it to do. He is also right that autodetection should
be careful, not "overenthousiastic". Anyway, I like the suggestion
from Arkady:

Ok. Let make another question: how to make _conditional_ inclusion of
B000 or B800 (depending of color/mono adapter(s) presence)? If I right
understand, there is currently only "not included" and "forced inclusion"?

QEMM (?) had some option or driver called MONOUMB, which is pretty close
to that idea. So how about the following options:

For the records, MONOUMB does also exist for WIN386.EXE (I don't know about the other two) in SYSTEM.INI. I don't know if it was Microsoft or Qaterdeck the first in having the idea.


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