8-Янв-2005 14:00 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Eric Auer) wrote to

>>      Ok. Let make another question: how to make _conditional_ inclusion of
>> B000 or B800 (depending of color/mono adapter(s) presence)? If I right
>> understand, there is currently only "not included" and "forced inclusion"?
EA> QEMM (?) had some option or driver called MONOUMB,

     There is neither such option nor driver. MS-DOS itself includes
monoumb.386 driver (autoloading Win3 driver?), but I don't know how it
relates to our discussion.

EA> which is pretty close
EA> to that idea. So how about the following options:
EA> - MONOUMB means "I=b000-b7ff if no mono CRTC is present"
EA> - COLORUMB could do the same for b800-bfff, but only very few
EA> - VGAUMB means "I=a000-afff, and block int 10.0 modes 0d and above, as well

     You definitely mistakes. QEMM includes VIDRAM.COM utility, but not such

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