At 01:53 PM 1/8/2005 +0300, Arkady V.Belousov wrote:

MD> If someone specifically tells EMM386 to include that range (it won't do it
MD> automatically), I pretty much figure that's what they want.

     Ok. Let make another question: how to make _conditional_ inclusion of
B000 or B800 (depending of color/mono adapter(s) presence)? If I right
understand, there is currently only "not included" and "forced inclusion"?

We have an ideal situation here. I don't have an interest in doing this and couldn't test it if I did. However, you want a particular behavior in EMM386 and the feature:

1) would exist totally in the transient parsing portion of EMM386 so it doesn't bulk up its DOS memory footprint or affect low-level operations,

2) would work with pre-existing options (I=<range>) and not add any all-new parsing rules,

3) is neither cataclysmically controversial nor jaw-droppingly stupid,

4.) already has a design+coding plan with available programmer(s), and

5) has end-user demand besides your own personal setup (apparently).

Well, here you go. I'm not the Pope of EMM386 sprinkling immutable holy code from the One True Assembly Language Aspergillum. You can submit your own code to be included in the next release of EMM386 without much resistance from me when the code meets the five conditions listed above. (Four or fewer conditions requires additional coordination with me, but can also be acceptable.) It's been done recently and successfully by someone else on the list. There may be minor post-submission alterations, of course.

All you have to do is -- let me repeat that, it is important -- all you HAVE to do is, keep your fingers off any old code which is unrelated to the new code, doesn't need to be rewritten, or works fine the way it already is. The time for most of those type changes is not now.

That means: No changes to existing whitespace, non-whitespace, macros, functions, procedures, defines, comments, formats, ideas, algorithms, concepts, or Kirlian auras you may find in the current version of EMM386 code. I am not going to go through the same battles as were fought in the Great Kernel Wars of 2004, continued from 2003, probably starting in 1994. No, thank you.

Oh yeah, it would be really nice if submissions were fully tested for bugs first.

Both you and Eric want these changes. Get together and figure out who wants to make them. Or both do it. Or neither. Or nominate a third party. Note, however, that if I am nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.

Last bit of advice this post: EMM386C.C is where you want to spend your efforts.

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