Eric Auer wrote:

tells me that the compiler of BC++ 5.5 is available as
a free download. What does that mean? Many people seem
to use the non-free BC++ 3.x, so is this really the
BC 5.5 one (without the IDE), or is it just Turbo C or
Turbo C++ 5.5? Does it include TASM? Does it compile
some typical DOS programs for which Turbo C 2.01 - THE
classic - is not good enough?

It is for Win32 only, both in what it generates and what
it runs on.  Also availabe is turbo debugger (again for
Win32, though its interface is almost the same as the DOS
version).  With both installed you get (all command line
only) compiler (bcc32), resource compiler (brcc32),
grep, incremental linker (ilink32, instead of turbo linker
tlink), impdef (for generating dll import libraries), make,
turbo debugger (td32), tdump (for displaying some info about
object/exe files), librarian (tlib), touch, and trigraph.
It also includes a c library, platform sdk, help, and examples.
No assembler and no IDE.  So its kinda like Turbo C for Windows,
but uses the Borland compiler names.  It does a good job compiling
simpler DOS programs under Windows (where more complex ones
would require rewriting to use the Win32 API instead of direct
access, video, direct DOS calls, etc).  I lost a lot of respect
for for Borland when they released the 5.0 version (it was
very buggy when initially released).


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