Good morning, all:

I have put together a detailed procedure for adding DOS dual-booting
to a Windows XP computer without destroying the XP installation.
This uses Linux tools, including qtparted (using parted/ntfsresize) to
shrink the XP NTFS partition, add a FAT16 or FAT32 partition for DOS,
and install MS-DOS or FreeDOS.  The document is written more for
MS-DOS, but mentions FreeDOS.  The intended audience was
people using Amateur Radio programs under DOS.

I thought this might be useful for people who want to install
FreeDOS on their new computers.  You can look at the pdf at


I would appreciate any suggestions or feedback.  I have four
computers booting XP, DOS (various variants), and Linux and I
never had to re-install XP.  The section on actually installing
and configuring FreeDOS is weak, but the FreeDOS beta9sr1
installation works if the new DOS partition shows up as C:.
It typically will if you are adding this capability to a new computer
with XP pre-installed.

I would like to improve this and add more information on configuring
FreeDOS as well when I get some more time.

Mark Bailey

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