Dear everyone

This is an email regarding the OpenGEM distribution of FreeGEM, which is a
free GPL GUI intended for use on FreeDOS (and other DOS systems).

I am proud to confirm that OpenGEM Release 4 will be released on the 31st of
January 2005. OpenGEM Release 4 will build on the highly successful third
generation of the software, and expand the documentation to make it easier
to install and use the system. OpenGEM Release 4 is intended to provide
FreeDOS and other DOS users with the best combination of simplicity and
power available under the GPL license.

GEMini Release 3, a gui file manager for FreeDOS with drag and drop
features, will be released on the 28th of February 2005.  GEMini is intended
to provide FreeDOS users with an simple tiny file manager (400kb when
installed) that has the power to quickly move, copy or delete files.

Both OpenGEM and GEMini are built on DR GEM, a stable and well tested 16bit
GUI enviroment.  This is not experimental software, unfinished software, or
buggy software.  It is now extensively used and tested on a wide range of
DOS machines.  OpenGEM is designed to be the definitive GUI for FreeDOS 1.0,
and GEMini is designed to satisfy the need for a powerful file manager for
FreeDOS 1.0.

There will be update patches to update OpenGEM Release 3 to OpenGEM Release
4, and GEMini Release 2 to GEMini Release 3.  The update patches will be
released on the same day as the new software.

You can download this software at  Earlier in the
month we had some problems with links on the website, but these issues are
now corrected.

You can download the source files for the GEM technology at and

Best wishes

Shane Coughlan

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