Hi, Johnson Lam writes:

> The new tweaked FORMAT can format the USB floppy in IBM X31 notebook,
> maybe you can ask somebody to test also.
> The 0.91s version will quit with "size 0k undefined???" [code 42] but
> new one OK.

So please download the modified binary:
(reports version 0.91s')
and compare it to the normal version:
(new exe is 32k, normal zip is 142k)

The difference between both versions is trivial:

--- floppy.c~   Tue Aug 24 22:04:55 2004
+++ floppy.c    Wed Jan 12 18:03:06 2005
@@ -565,6 +565,9 @@
       case 5:
       case 6: preferredsize = 2880;
+      default: preferredsize = 1440;
+        printf("Unknown int 13.8 drive type 0x%x, assuming 1440k\n",
+          drive_type);
         /* Type 5 is originally for floppy tape drives */
       /* int 21.440d.860 would use: 0 360k, 1 1200k, 2 720k, 7 1440k, 5 
harddisk */
       } /* switch */

In human language: Format 0.91s' treats floppy disks of UNKNOWN type as
1440k drives. That fixes USB floppy access for X31 laptops. If it makes
FORMAT work with other USB floppy drives for which normala 0.91s did
not work, I can upload a new zip, which will be, at your option, either
be called ...0.91s.zip (because the change is minimal) or ...0.91t.zip!

Bonus question: Are there other types of A: drives which cause troubles
for FORMAT? For example when you boot from FAT16 USB stick, the drive
is reported as A:, but you do not want to format your own boot drive
anyway - The QUESTION is, when you use DOS USB DRIVERS to access an USB
stick, will it be reported as harddisk (and be treated okay by SYS and
FORMAT) or can it happen that it gets reported as A: even in that case?

How about LS120 and ZIP drives?


PS: WHICH floppy drive type is reported by 0.91s' for your USB floppy?
Does LBAcache support the drive? (depends on whether it has disk change
detection... I guess I have to write a prothesis if drives without BIOS
disk change detection get popular...)

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