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Hi Eric,

>Bonus question: Are there other types of A: drives which cause troubles
>for FORMAT? For example when you boot from FAT16 USB stick, the drive
>is reported as A:, but you do not want to format your own boot drive
>anyway - The QUESTION is, when you use DOS USB DRIVERS to access an USB
>stick, will it be reported as harddisk (and be treated okay by SYS and
>FORMAT) or can it happen that it gets reported as A: even in that case?

My USB stick cannot boot, someone else can help you for this?
I'll test again if I can get other USB floppy (my boss have another
one, not IBM)

>How about LS120 and ZIP drives?

I have to install my LS120, removed for a year.

>PS: WHICH floppy drive type is reported by 0.91s' for your USB floppy?

Drive A:

>Does LBAcache support the drive? (depends on whether it has disk change
>detection... I guess I have to write a prothesis if drives without BIOS
>disk change detection get popular...)

Since the X31 notebook have NTFS in hard disk, I just boot a FreeDOS
floppy to test, will try LBACACHE later.


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