Good day, all:

I have come up with a procedure to create a bootable custom DOS
CD, with a 2.88MByte boot sector, strictly under Windows XP.  A
floppy drive makes it a bit easier, but is not required.  This uses
several free programs:  VFD (Virtual Floppy Disk), which simulates
a floppy disk drive as A: or B: (either 1.44 MBytes or 2.88MBytes),
mkboot which allows copying boot sectors, and mkisofs, which
creates the ISO file.

This is currently written for MSDOS and is still installs the
system files and boot sector.  I haven't added copying the other
files but using this you get an A:\> prompt from MS-DOS.  The
same general technique will work with FreeDOS.  Any
knowledgeable DOS user can easily extend this.

I like doing this from Windows XP because I can download stuff off
the net and use the Windows GUI to create the CD image.

I could use some help in describing how to tailor this to FreeDOS
and how to set up the CD drivers to use the rest of the CD.  If 
you are interested, drop me a line and I'll send you the MS-DOS


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