Good day, all:

I have come up with a procedure to create a bootable custom DOS
CD, with a 2.88MByte boot sector, strictly under Windows XP.  A
I could use some help in describing how to tailor this to FreeDOS
and how to set up the CD drivers to use the rest of the CD. If you are interested, drop me a line and I'll send you the MS-DOS


You may also wish to check out http://www.fdos.org/bootdisks/#bootCD which is my framework to create custom DOS bootable CDs.

If you use VFD, version 2 is really cool, as it added support
for 360KB and other sizes, and Daemon Tools is excellent freeware
to test/extract files from ISO images.

Please send a URL to obtain your complete instructions or
send them to me privately and I can post them on my site (when ready).
Alternatively, if its not too large, you may want to add
the information to the Faq.


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