And yes, I'm fine.

You may be fine, but you dented up my hood pretty bad! :D


Glad you're OK. Not to focus on the grim, but it's times like those that make you think about who might take over a popular project like FreeDOS. Hope you have all that planned out in case the unthinkable did happen.

Actually, it's a good topic to bring up. Let me be serious for a moment, and mention a few points:

- I've been quietly moving some of our less-referenced content from FreeDOS.org to the FreeDOS space on SourceForge. "FreeDOS on Laptops" and "FreeDOS for Gamers" have been moved, for example.

- Over time, I expect to move anything that's not under /freedos to the <http://freedos.sourceforge.net/> site. There is some stuff under /news that will need to move there, for example.

- Everything under /freedos is automatically copied by all of our mirror sites, including on <http://freedos.sourceforge.net/freedos/>.

- Effective 6 July 2004, I've moved the FreeDOS news admin to SourceForge. All our news items (and discussion areas) are hosted there. There's a cron job on FreeDOS.org that runs every hour to make a local html copy of the last 10 news items, so we can display them on our main page.

- I've been trying to share news admin responsibility with others within the FreeDOS Project. Unfortunately, SF seems to require 'admin' to be able to post news items, so the list of people is fairly short. Currently, Aitor, Bart, me, Eric, Jeremy, and Steffen can post news. Aitor has posted a few news items, and Eric has posted one or two, but at least it's not just me who can post/edit/remove news items on the FreeDOS site.

If something did ever happen to me where I became unavailable, others can still post news items. And while access to FreeDOS.org might be an issue, someone can still take ownership over the local mirror on <http://freedos.sourceforge.net/freedos/> and update the content there until the FreeDOS.org site is figured out.


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