I could help you with CSS....any question? :-)

VlG, Flo

Jim Hall said the following / schrieb folgendes (03.02.2005 02:25):

I'm working on a redesign of the FreeDOS.org web site. Well, not so much a redesign, but a makeover to use xhtml instead of tables. This will make it easier when/if I do a full redesign on the site, since I can just change the CSS to create a new design.

I am having an issue with the link list, and wondered if there's a CSS + xhtml "expert" out there who could help me. The link list renders correctly in Mozilla, but not in IE. Specifically, '<HR />' tags span the entire width of the page, not just the link list width.

The xhtml-based design looks 99% like the current site, so don't email me if you only want to peek at the "new" design. It's the same. :-)


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