Michael schreef:

I have a CD ISO image I keep of useful free software programs for Windows. I was wanting to use the spare space on the discs to make a FreeDOS (and maybe Memtest) rescue disc. I've downloaded the FreedOS CD ISO. Do I just copy this ISO to a directory and copy the files from my other ISO into that directory? I'm working under Linux here. Is there anything special I need to do when remaking the ISO in order to make disc bootable into FreeDOS? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

Nothing difficult. However, FreeDOS cdrom *is* a bootable cdrom, and like Linux distributions, uses ISOLINUX bootloader for the installation cdrom.
You can use MKISOFS under Linux, and point to isolinux/isolinux.bin as bootloader.

layout is basically this:
AUTORUN.INF (root of cd, optional)
and then your other programs

You'll first have to unpack the ISO (or mount it, then copy it to a writable directory) before adding your other programs and remastering.


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