by the way, would be nice if daily kernel builds also include batchfile
for SYS A: /BOOTONLY , copying kernel, and optionally FreeCOM/shell.
Now I first have to go to commandline to use SYS A:

I think, any irreversible actions should be ommited as much, as possible. And I think, typing "SYS A: ." isn't longer, than "SYSA.BAT".

Arkady, SYS C: is for transferring systemfiles from current drive (perhaps even directory) to C: and writing bootsector.
Thus, SYS A: is for transferring files to A:.
It's easier for me to edit an included batchfile (in Windows 2000) than to open a command prompt, change drive/directory to where I downloaded SYS,
and execute SYS A:
The /BOOTONLY is recommended because Jeremy's archive omits, and then in Win2000 the file named %comspec% gets copied.
Not so nice, as that's C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\CMD.EXE or C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\COMMAND.COM.

"SYS A: . " is transferring files from A: to current drive/directory..

the SYSA.BAT file you mention wasn't included in Jeremy's daily kernel builds available from


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