14-Фев-2005 18:13 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Michael) wrote to

M> I'm a little confussed. Is there no way to configure your soundcard if
M> it is new enough not to come with DOS drivers?

     No, there is no way - if soundcard not implements one de-facto standard
(like AdLib or SoundBlaster), then no one third-party utility/driver may
help you.

M> Is there SB or MIDI support at least?

     You should ask not us, if your soundcard supports SB-compatability and
if it supports MIDI directly (in hardware).

M> I just want to play some old id/Apogee games with the
M> full 1995 experience. :)

     DOS games access sound cards directly, not through software drivers.
So, if your sound card is non-compatible with anything supported by game,
then you unlucky. :(

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