Hi, I have uploaded
... Please wait for some test results before announcing the update on
the FreeDOS.org homepage. Improvements:

              - FORMAT is now compiled with smaller prf.c printf
              - reduced debugging messages and avoiding duplicate "100%".
              - improved detection for WinNT/2000/XP/... DOS box
              - added detection for remote drives, SUBST, JOIN, ASSIGN.
              - "other" floppy drive types are now treated as 1440k ones.
              - removed conio usage from uformat, results in smaller exe.

So you get extra features (detection of unacceptable drives, support for
USB floppy drives, detection of WinNT family) while at the same time saving
a bit of disk space :-). Of course I could not test all extra things, so
feedback would be very welcome. At least the "remote drive detection" works
and detects both DOSEMU redir drives and CD-ROM drives. When submitting bug
reports or test results (apart from "works fine now" :-)), please use the
"verbose output" (/d) option of FORMAT.

Note that you have to use FreeDOS 2035 devel kernel from fdos.org/kernel/ if
you want to process drives with non-kernel device drivers (e.g. USB or ZIP),
as older kernels pass the wrong sub unit number for some disk IOCTL calls.

Enjoy :-).


PS: Binary size is still less than 32k, download size is 142k.

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