(This is a forward of the news item post - you will have seen announcements
for FDAPM / PCISLEEP on the list before... But you may have missed the updates!)

Hi all, please check out the newest versions of PCISLEEP and FDAPM at
http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/ (fdapm-04feb2005.zip and        
pcisleep-08feb2005.zip). New features in FDAPM: Use ACPI for CPU speed      
throttling and power-off. Automatic fallback to ACPI if no APM supported.   
Functions of PCISLEEP: List all PCI/AGP devices, search for devices of given
type, enter energy saving mode (if supported), suspend VGA (if supported).   

For FDAPM, please use ACPIOFF and SPEED1 to test if the ACPI things are   
working. For normal use, PUREOFF is better, as it automatically selects APM
or ACPI.                                                                    

For PCISLEEP, please test if the energy-saving S mode works (only useful if 
L list shows devices with D1 or D2 support) and if the VGA suspend V mode
works (only useful if L shows D3 support for the VGA). The latter will
reboot your VGA BIOS without rebooting DOS, so I would really like to know  
if there are VGAs which crash instead of waking up.                         

Both FDAPM and PCISLEEP are very small:  6k and 4k respectively (UPXed      
size). This means that you have some limitations: ACPI support works only   
for simple features, and PCISLEEP only knows names of few hardware vendors.
Let me know if your ACPI BIOS is not supported or if you want PCISLEEP to
know some important vendor name which I have forgotten.


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