Hi, strange subject line, but:

> > Arkady, SYS C: is for transferring systemfiles from current drive ...
> > to C: and writing bootsector.

> IIRC bootsector is not overwritten, unless you do /MBR (at least in MS's).

SYS does write the boot sector all the time - you are mixing things
up with FDISK, which only overwrites the MBR program if you use /MBR
option, and otherwise only modifies MBR data (partition info). A boot
sector is something which each drive letter has... FreeDOS SYS can be
told to write ONLY the boot sector or even to ONLY write a file which
contains what the boot sector would contain, but MS DOS SYS always
writes both the system files (kernel and command com) and the boot
sector. Older versions even made sure that the system files were listed
at the beginning of the root directory instead of "somewhere there".

PS Aitor: Yes, MODE and the new DISPLAY interface... Good to hear that
you will finally make it a device driver, then I only have to support
the FINAL interface in the next update ;-).
(Left on the list: EECHO/ADD need readme files, anybody wanna help?
 EDIT 0.7x and TERMINAL have small bugs, and I plan some FreeCOM tuning.
 The LBACACHE things will be postponed, I guess - support for generic
 block devices like ZIP and USB flash, track write merging, ...
Any volunteers for FAT32 in UNDELETE? Or PRINT(Q) improvements? MEM stuff?
Review of KERNEL patches to get STABLE closer to DEVEL? Any news from Imre
about DEFRAG or from Jeremy about ATAPICDD or "have only NEAR f nodes"?...
And, quite surprising, why do we have hardly any *French language* support
e.g. in NLS directory or for FreeCOM (latter exists but is outdated)?
http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/command-line-add-subtract.zip ...)

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