Title: FreeDOS block allocation different from MS DOS


I've posted the question below on newsgroup alt.os.free-dos and also received answers (really appreciated). However, I post it here also and provide some additional information and maybe I can come to a solution sooner with your help.

* Latest version of FreeDOS installed (and the latest release of HIMEM)!

* I was told on the newsgroup no to use command.com with xms swapping. Am i doing this if I use the default command.com? If, where do I find a basic one?

As you might suspect, I am a real newbie to FreeDOS (and DOS also of course) so I hope you can help me!

Sincerely // Nicklas

Hi All!

I have an executable running fine on MS DOS 6.22 (it is Loadcepc.exe
that comes with Platform Builder on Win CE). One part of the program
allocates a block of memory from the extended memory section (I think)
returning the address 0x110000 (always). The same program running on
FreeDOS returns the address 0x138800 (always). My problem is that the
address returned on FreeDOS makes the program exit (and it probably
should). Now, what is the reason for returning different addresses, is
it the different DOS implementations or the size of the installations?
Or something else?

Can anyone help me with this, I am a real newbie to this??? Any
answers are really appreciated!



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