First, I see the fdconfig.sys has this line:
    SHELL=C:\FDOS\ C:\FDOS /D /P=C:\fdauto.bat /K set

Then I chang it to this:
    SHELL=C:\FDOS\ C:\FDOS /D /P=C:\fdauto.bat /K set

After I reboot the machine, I found it hangs.(It seems Ctrl-Alt-Del don't work)

However, I did some things(I forgot what I had done) and I found the
above line is ok and it didn't hang again.

Now, I change that line to this:
    SHELL=C:\FDOS\ C:\FDOS /D /P=C:\fdauto.bat /K set

But it hangs again.

Another thing is that when I boot the machine, it says "Bypassing
C:\fdauto.bat", and I don't know why since C:\fdauto.bat exists. Could
someone tell me how to fix it?

I use FreeDOS Beta9 and following is my fdconfig.sys

!SET lang=EN
;for help on commands, see file config.sys in your FreeDOS directory
;DOS=HIGH is still buggy (try running HELP), as is CDROM-driver. (see website)
!set dircmd=/ogn /4
MENU 1 - Load FreeDOS with maximum RAM free, using EMM386
MENU 2 - Load FreeDOS including HIMEM XMS-memory driver
MENU 3 - Load FreeDOS without drivers
MENU 4 - Load FreeDOS with test
;12?DEVICE=C:\FDOS\bin\atapicdd.sys /D:FDCD0001
;12?DEVICE=C:\FDOS\bin\atapicdd.sys /D:FDCD0001
12?SHELL=C:\FDOS\ C:\FDOS /P=C:\FDOS\fdauto.bat
3?SHELL=C:\FDOS\ C:\FDOS /D /K set path=C:\FDOS\bin
4?SHELL=C:\FDOS\ C:\FDOS /D /P=C:\fdauto.bat /K set

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