19-Фев-2005 00:14 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Massimo Pizzolante Leuzzi) wrote to "Arkady
V.Belousov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

MPL> I have updated from version 2032 up to version  2035a, but for all of them
MPL> when using menu and menudefault commands in the config.sys, at boot screen
MPL> appears the menu regularly but at the bottom the countdown line is shown
MPL> for every seconds spent (so for example for second 40 to 0) filling the
MPL> entire screen and overwriting the menu: why does it happen and how to
MPL> correct this ?

     This is very strange and not happens on our machines. Please, show your
config.sys, we should try to reproduce the effect.

MPL> It does not happen with kernel version 2031.

PS: I CC: this letter in freedos-user@ group.

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