1-Мар-2005 22:42 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Eric Auer) wrote to

EA>   - POWER can detect "check for key"-flooding and react with freezing the
EA>     system for some part of every second (usually 3/8-7/8 of it, with flood
EA>     being defined as usually 285-750 requests per timer tick), does that
EA>     feel useful? If so, should it be on by default? This seems to be what
EA>     distinguishes the three ADV depths (min, reg, max) from each other!?

     When FDAPM used with Volcov Commander udner Windows, seems, it detects
idleness. But when there are more VC windows, CPU usage arise to 100% and
never fall back (ie. current FDAPM idleness detection is not perfect).

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