Hi, I have re-released FORMAT 0.91t, so you get some additional clean-ups.

Changes compared to 0.91s (8/2004) are:

              - FORMAT is now compiled with smaller prf.c printf
              - reduced debugging messages and avoiding duplicate "100%".
              - improved detection for WinNT/2000/XP/... DOS box
              - added detection for remote drives, SUBST, JOIN, ASSIGN.
              - "other" floppy drive types are now treated as 1440k ones,
                useful for USB floppy drives (which only support 1440k!).
              - removed conio usage from uformat, results in smaller exe.
              - improved style of calling SYS in FORMAT /S.
              - improved prompt-for-label handling.

The last 2 lines are new compared to the first 0.91t preview release.

You can get the newest version at:

Johnson has done some testing:
> USB format disk ok, volume label within "control", also can call SYS
> to make bootable disk [now using new calling style]...
> I found that the USB-FDD can READ 1.68MB floppy! But it won't accept
> format 1680K command (or just we don't know the command?)



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