Hi Nicholas, thanks for informing me that CMI sound chips suck.
I agree with you on that by now :-). Lucho has sent me his drivers
(initializers) for DOS, and my SB AWE32 diagnostics tool got happy
after using them, even played sample sounds, but most games still
only worked Adlib- or OPL3-wise. The "normal" DSP wave sound output
with DMA still only sounded silence, or the games simply failed to
detect the card at all. Whatever. Point for CMedia is that the Linux
driver worked just fine, but for now, I switched back to ISA sound
cards on my old PC again. If you know a PCI or onboard sound card
which works REALLY good with DOS games, let us know ;-).

Otherwise I guess I would just get a really FAST PC as soon as I
stop using ISA - then I can let all DOS games run in emulators, and
use PLAIN DOS only for non-funny stuff or for mp3 (MPXPLAY has native
CMedia and AC97 drivers built-in...).


PS: Okay, SOME games worked, but that had taken days to figure out.
Not exactly what CMedia TELLS that their chip would offer compatibility-wise.

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