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Bernd Blaauw wrote:

FDXMS286 should have worked on your computer, and HIMEM probably should have refused to load at all, as it currently cannot handle 286.
Great to see someone who can actually test/experiment on pre386 equipment.
I do not know if there are any plans to make HIMEM compatible with 286 systems, but FDXMS286 is quite old though it should have worked properly.

Oops - i forgot that Linux is going to label me as 'root' by default! Anyway... I'm surprised that it is so uncommon to run FD on an old PC. IMHO it seems ridiculous to install FreeDOS on your P4 side-by-side with Windows XP like so many other people do. I mean what DOS software is going to run properly on a 3Ghz CPU?

What is the complaint here? HIMEM works to supply XMS for 386+ machines, which easily constitute the vast majority of old machines still working and using some form of DOS, as well as all the newer (i.e. last 15+ years) PCs.

There is FDXMS available for the relatively few 286 machines still active which need XMS -- HIMEM need not, nor should it, support them. The oldest 8086/8088/V20/V30/80188/80186 machines do not support extended memory at all.

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