Original report that started this thread a few weeks ago was about FDXMS286 not working on the 286 computer that 'root' has.

Originally FreeDOS seems to have FDXMS, and derived from it FDXXMS (64MB+) and FDXMS286 (286+ platform instead of only 386+). Later on Tom Ehlert forked FDXMS (0.8?) into HIMEM.EXE

HIMEM since then has many times been improved. I don't know if there are any bugs in FDXMS286 that have been solved in HIMEM
(remember all the A20 switching issues which Michael made a few switches for?).

So, a failing FDXMS286 driver on a 80286 platform is not exactly what should happen. Solutions to this might be to either backport (into FDXMS286) any fixes made in HIMEM, or, probably better, make HIMEM compatible to 286+, which would end up in a single unified XMS driver.

Does EMM386 still have a 'if XMS present, then go on, else abort' test? Or is there also a CPU test nowadays?

I don't know if DOS6's HIMEM works on 286 machines. Someone told me DOS 7.10 (Win98) only runs on 386+ machines.

Anyway, glad we found a 286 user :)
DOS is intended for such machines indeed, but there's hardly any of these machines around in the wild.


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