Hi all,

I'm new on that list, so I will begin by introducing myself :)
I'm a Polish guy living/working now in France. I use FreeDOS everyday for 
various tasks - listening to music (MPXPLAY), watching DivX films (QV), 
typing texts (WordPerfect), and many many more... Sometimes I even play some 
old games (I love NES games trough NESticle or RockNES!) :-)
I'm also the author of polish and french translations for FreeDOS. Polish 
translations are available on my website - 
http://the.killer.webpark.pl/fdos_pl.htm , and french files aren't on-line, 
but will be present on the next FreeDOS release (soon!). I don't use DOS only 
for netting, because Arachne isn't great for that, so I have a dual-boot on 
my PC which allows me to choose between FreeDOS and SuSE (that's a nice OS 

I am writing to you because I would know if anybody have a solution for 
activating the video out of Voodoo 3 3000 graphic cards in DOS. I ask because 
I like watching DivX films on my TV. When I disconnect physically the monitor 
from the PC, the voodoo card is automatically switching into TV mode (and I 
see the output on my TV), but I am searching a solution for switching to TV 
mode without having to disconnect the monitor (it's not very comfortable...). 
I am sure it is possible, as it is possible in windows. Have any of you any 
driver or at least any infos about that?


P.S. I apologize for my unperfect english language, I hope everyone understood 
what I am talking about ;-)

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