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Hi Aitor,

Sorry for breaking in ...

>I disagree. FreeDOS is not "suited for old machines", but "suited for 
>running DOS16/DOS32 code", as well as you can use WindowsXP to run your 
>Win32 code and Linux to run your Linux code. Have you ever tried to run 
>DOOM or HERETIC in a WinXP dosbox? In my testings it doesn't work (it 
>gets too slow, it's not playable). So I can switch to FreeDOS to run 
>this code.

Oh thanks Aitor, you speak the exact words I want to say: FreeDOS is
not ONLY for old PC's.

FreeDOS aim is capable to run on old PC 'AND ALSO' new PC which have
PCI and upcoming PCI-Express, and able to bring the old DOS program to
the latest hardware.

Furthermore, FreeDOS can run some standalone tools to rescue data,
making backups (such as GHOST or USB hard disk copy) and even system
diagnostic, RAM test ... etc.

Thanks everyone who contribute to improve FreeDOS, and I keep up
reading FreeDOS32 news, hoping to see a stronger DOS working


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